Hi there! I'm a Colombia based tech entrepreneur in the making, self-taught Web designer and back-end/game developer on my free time. In love with the independent creation of things.

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Why, hello there stranger! Thanks for the visit. I'm a Software Engineer by profession and entrepreneur by heart, in love with everything related to tech entrepreneurship, independent videogames and web design. I have won scholarships for international entrepreneurship programs/events like YouNoodle Summer Camp in Silicon Valley, Global Startup youth 2013 and Global Entrepeneurship Summit in Malaysia. Also, I'm a Co-founder of GET-Grupo Estudiantil de Emprendimiento in Colombia, an initiative to promote entrepreneurship among college students and create spaces so they can meet each other regardless of their career or university. Oh oh! I almost forgot, I'm a HUGE fan of Superman.


I like to unleash my awesomeness with a combination of Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Heroku for web development. I can also code in Java and PHP for back-end (Gotta try Python someday) and, for game development, I have good experience with C# on Unity3D. In other words: I like to code stuff.


I love tech entrepreneurship and it's growth process. I'm curious with everything related to SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and, ultimately, Growth Hacking. Along with great people and leadership skills for project management.


I love flat, clean and elegant web design that focus on typography combinations and muted colors (as you can see!). I'm very proficient with HTML and CSS3 to create total responsive experiences, always with a mobile-first approach.


Here is my internet window of everything that I have done that I feel the most proud of.